Adopt-A-School Prayer

Please plan to pray with us for the North Woodriver District Association’s Adopt-A-School prayer gathering. We will continue to pray over the Martin Luther King Jr. Academy for Social Justice located 644 W. 71st Street (Chicago, Illinois). We met at the school Wednesday August 23, 2017 at 10:00 AM to begin the process, but we need to continue!
We  prayed in each class room and hallway. We prayed for the safety, well-being and the hearts of the students, faculty, support staff and parents. Remember our District’s theme focus for this year is “Reclaiming Our Impact”. As we set our goal on impacting the community for the Kingdom of God, let us begin with assembling as one church, on one accord, praying as one.
We are looking for all to support this prayer ministry, Pastors & Ministers, Laypersons & Leaders, Young & Old, Men & Women, Students & Non-Students, District Members & Non-District Members!
Thanks you for your support.


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